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It's early morning and you open your eyes as a cold nose pokes at you. The pooch needs to go potty. But as you throw your hoodie on and grab the leash, you feel the anxiety rising, hoping that you won't see other dogs out there. Of course, as you step outside, there is a dog right there, passing in front of your door, and your dog is going crazy. You apologize profusely to the other owner, holding on to your dog for dear life and hanging your head. It's no way to start the day. 

Or maybe your getting ready for your workday, and out of the corner of your eye, you can see your pup is already pacing. Glancing over at your half-eaten coffee table and the busted dog crate over in the corner and sigh. Maybe you'll call in sick today, at least until you can find someone to stay at home with Fido.

Or maybe you have a puppy! You got your puppy when she was just 8 weeks and you did all the right things. You got her vaccinated, you took her out, had her meet other people and other dogs. But now, at 5 months, she's turned into a different dog. She's growling at people, cowering in front of other dogs. Her anxiety feeds your anxiety and now you don't want to take her out.

If any of these sound familiar, you've come to the right place. Contact me now for more information on our immersive training programs. 

We also offer dog walking services and pet sitting services! Please contact us for more info! 

The Muttropolitan and Leash the Dog Services have partnered together to offer Puppy Socialization Program! Specialized day training program that includes puppy basics, manners and leash work! As well As free play during daycare and puppy socialization.
We will be offering the options of two or three days per week, full days or half days, all with pricing options to find whatever will work best for you.
Unable to commit to two months but still want your puppy to get some socialization? We will also be offering Puppy Socialization Days! Just call ahead to schedule drop-in days either Mondays or Fridays!

No puppies under 10 weeks and all puppies must have had their first two rounds of vaccines