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Covid-19 Updates

Updated 5/2

As the Governor laid our in his phased plan approach on Friday, 5/1, Phase One begins Tuesday, May 5. Phase one now includes pet walks. So if you are able to go back to work or just need a break from your dog, book with us now! Beginning May 5th, we will be wearing masks upon entry and if possible, we will be using our own leashes. We will also be making use of sanitizer or Lysol before and after we enter homes and we will be making as little contact with your home as possible.

Link to the Phased Approach found HERE

Updated 3/23

Just over an hour ago, our Governor put our state on lockdown for a minimum of two weeks. During this time, some changes will be happening. 

Dog Walking Clients- We will still be providing walks to those clients who deem us essential. As stated on the governor's page, dog walking is still permitted while practicing social distancing. If you are in need of dog walking services because you do have an essential job, we are are still here to help you. (Governors page I mentioned

Dog Training Clients- All in-home, private sessions will now take place as an online course, complete with video chat sessions.

We will continue to keep you updated and help you as best we can. Stay healthy and stay safe. 

Update 3/19

Leash the Dog Services is still open and operating. We are taking all the recommended precautions and are considered essential for those who need help with their pets. We will continue to open for business as long as you need us. 

  • We are currently offering 15% off all of our services to any medical professional, partnering with The Muttropolitan to include boarding and daycare services.

  • For those of you who can not leave your homes, we are here to help you get your dog out for walks or even pick you up a bag of dog food- please reach out.

  • We are still accepting new training clients for board & train, day training, and fusion programs! 

As things continue to progress, we will keep you updated! Everyone, remember to be kind to one another and stay healthy and safe. 

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