Heroic Level Program

This is a three-month program, that includes 8 weeks of online classwork, homework, live video sessions, group calls, and lifetime support. We call it our heroic level program because as this is our early level program- building the basics and foundation that are needed to help your dog grow into the well behaved dog you are looking for.

LTD Wellness Program

Behavior and physical health are linked together and you shouldn't have one without the other. Leash the Dog Services is now offering an 8-week DIY course that will give you key areas to unlock the secrets for your dog to be a healthy, happy pet.  

The Level Up Program

Taking your training one step further with our 3-month program. This program offers you 4 weeks of board & train, Online supplemental course work, homework, live video sessions, group calls, and lifetime support. This program is meant to take your dog training to the next level! 

Leash Skills Program

For those dogs who may be perfectly fine any other time but once they are on leash, they are reactive, they startle easily. They might redirect on the dog beside them or you. They may shriek and pull and make you want to hide your face, or worst case scenario, not take your dog out at all. This is a 6 month program that includes 2-3 walks a week, In-home sessions and out & about sessions.

This exact program is currently on hold while we are under Stay At Home Orders. There is a B&T option to focus on leash work as well as an online leash program coming.