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As a dog trainer, I am always trying to get better and improve on everything I do. This includes video recording myself (I hate my voice and only have my LG6 phone) Or the sounds of a dog training podcast playing in the background. Whichever

This is Bandy, a deaf 10 month old puppy working on basic cues with hand singles. In the video you can see him working on lay down, stay, come, spin and back to place.

Sophie - Taking a break from our walk to work on basics

Tucker- Working on leash walking and self control. 

Hours of Operation

Mon through Fri-        10am-1pm || 4pm-7pm

Saturday-                     9am to 3pm

​SUNDAY-                        Closed
(Except Pet Check-in Jobs, which are available 24/7- 7 Days a week)


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