Dog Walking

Image by Theodor Vasile

The Quick Stop

The Quick Stop is a quick drop in and a walk around the block. This is the best option for a puppy who needs frequent potty breaks, seniors or a pup who hasn't been let out in a while. Up to 15 minutes.



Image by Darshan Gajara

The Casual Walk

This is the basic, 30-minute walk- and our most popular! This is for those regular needed walks for a pup who really just needs to stretch their legs while you're at work



Image by Yuki Dog

The Power Walk

The power work is for those high energy dogs who need just a little more out of their walks. 60 minutes of whatever kind of pace your dog needs.



Leash Skills Program

For those dogs who may be perfectly fine any other time but once they are on a leash, they are reactive, they startle easily. They might redirect on the dog beside them or you. They may shriek and pull and make you want to hide your face, or worst-case scenario, not take your dog out at all. 

Pet Sitting

Image by Bonnie Kittle

Quick Drop In

This is a basic, quick drop-in. Includes a potty break/ scooping litter, food, water and of course, some cuddles and treats. up to 15 minutes.



Image by Krista Mangulsone

Nice Little Visit

If your pet needs something just a little longer, this is the option you're looking for. This option includes potty breaks/litter box cleaning, food, water, playtime, brushing or whatever else your pet needs



Image by Kate Stone Matheson


Need someone to spend the night with your furbaby? Overnights at your home include feedings, potty breaks, and playtime. 

Extra $5 per pet.


$65 per night