Check-ins will include feeding, water, potty breaks, litter clean up, some basic grooming- anything your pets need. This service will cover dogs, cats, rodents, birds or anything else you need. If you have a vacation you've been planning for months or the last minute trip, there is no need to scramble. Check-ins are anywhere between 15 minutes to 90 minutes and can be done multiple times a day. 

Nice Little Visit

If your pet needs something just a little longer, this is the option you're looking for. This option includes potty breaks/litter box cleaning, food, water, playtime, brushing or whatever else your pet needs

30 Minure Visit Option- $25

60 Minute Visit Option- 30

Schedule A VisitWith Us Today!

Need someone to spend the night with your furbaby? Overnights at your home include feedings, potty breaks, and playtime. 

Contact for more details. 


$50 a night!

$5 per extra pet

This is a basic, quick drop-in. Includes a potty break/ scooping litter, food, water and of course, some cuddles and treats. up to 15 minutes.

Quick Drop In


Hours of Operation

Mon through Fri-        10am-1pm || 4pm-7pm

Saturday-                     9am to 3pm

​SUNDAY-                        Closed
(Except Pet Check-in Jobs, which are available 24/7- 7 Days a week)


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