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2021 Update

It's funny because it's been almost a year since I've done an update on this blog. Things are still pretty rough out there. We have another mask mandate, a vaccine mandate, and a delta variant that's really kicking sine extra ass. It's been hard for a small business to stay afloat. But a lot of good has come this year too.

Leash the Dog Services officially partnered with the Muttropolitan to form an umbrella company for us to both operate under- Leash the Muttro Pups! Something we are very proud of. Between the businesses, we cover boarding, daycare, grooming, training, dog walking, and pet sitting.

We have also grown an amazing team that has really kept the business going. I honestly couldn't do it without them. My long-term covid problems have yet to fade and my daily fibro problems are still a real problem. Unfortunately, I don't do much walking these days. I still do training, which is what I really love. But without my amazing group of walkers, I wouldn't still be in business. And I'm so grateful to my clients for being so welcoming to each and every one of them!

Thanks to Covid, we've been able to really focus on socialization. Dogs and puppies who spent a whole year locked indoors without any exposure or contact with the outside world. We now run a Puppy socialization program three times a week, as well as a Pandemic Pup Recovery Program twice a week. Aside from that, AKC classes and evaluations are also offered.

The plan is to actually use this blog as a resource. Talk about your dog's needs and why it is important. Or at the very least, a year from now I can update you on how the business is doing.

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