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New Reality of 2022

How is 2022 treating all of you? I have to say, of the last two years, this one has probably been the worst. And not that I'm trying to get personal with all of you, but I started the year

out with Covid, again, for the second time since this pandemic started. Despite being vaccinated. Despite wearing masks.

Just like everyone else, it was a Christmas celebration. Omicron variant, so not terrible. But unlike everyone else who caught it with me, mine lasted for two / three weeks. And ever since my asthma has been very very angry. I'm using a very high prescription on my nebulizer once if not twice a day. Physical activities are a struggle. Just a half hour walk will leave me down for half the day. The fatigue is back in full force. Severe headaches on average three weeks out of the month. Its been a struggle, to say the very least.

Public Access working through Home Depot

Because of this, I've had to step back even further from walks and made the hard decision not to currently offer private, individual lessons. I am offering group classes at the Muttropolitan and we have started a public access group which I am insanely proud of. Currently, I've got a puppy class scheduled, a trick class coming in the near future with more on the horizon.

On a brighter note- the partnership between The Muttropolitan and Leash the dog Services is officially official. We got our business name last year but as of this year, we are legal in the eyes of the IRS. We are updating our programs, updating our client portals and the software we are using.

While, it's a struggle, all of your pups make it worth it. The relationships we've build over the last few years have meant the world to me, and I wouldn't still be here without you guys. Thanks to all of you, we have an amazing roster of walkers - Alex, Andrea, Piper, Olivia and Kennedy. We also have an amazing staff at the Muttropolitan.

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