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When it goes to shit...

( You'll have to excuse the language but it's just who we are here. )

And we are here to talk about about literal shit. Puppies and poop. More specifically why puppies will make a run for poop and gobble it up before anyone has the chance to pick it up.

Accidents happen. Poop happens. Especially at daycare. Your dogs m

ay never have a single accident at home but when they arrive here- all the rules change.

So when a dog poops in the daycare and there are puppies who have been running around all day, (and we know our owners feed good quality food) so they know when it's coming before we do. And they make a run for it to eat it up.

This is why we highly recommend when your puppy in for daycare to bring them lunch. They spend their day running around, chasing each other, working their brains and just non-stop moving. By the middle of the day, they've burnt off all the food they've already had. Because of how that good quality food digests, they just smell food and make a run for it.

So what's the takeaway? Other than that dogs are gross? That lunch for growing puppies plays an important part in their day.

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